2012 Photos

2012 New Years Day ski group at Outlaw Lake:  Todd Wyatt, Jerry Goodson, Tom Trautman, and Cody Bray

Cody skiing New Years Day - Brrrrrrr

When not skiing, several Outlaw Lake members enjoy a tour on their bikes.

L to R:  Tom & Lucy Trautman, Tony & Beckie Haynie, Billy & Donna Varnell

Crocodile Hunter Tom Trautman with a non-venomous diamond backed water snake.

Cody Bray with the Okie version of a palm tree.

An April Sunset - Cody Bray


  Alec Shuler, Boys 2, with Regional Medals

Slalom - 3rd, Tricks - 3rd, Jump - 4th, Overall - 3rd